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This boost comes from a 400 horsepower, 4.4 liter V 8 with a turbocharger producing the hammer like 450 foot pounds of torque. The less expensive 528i has a straight six engine with 240 horses; the midrange 535i has a substantially healthier turbo six with 300 horsepower and 300 foot pounds of torque.

In a welcome touch, however, the 550i owner's manual information (you will need it) could be called up on the navigation screen. Sound quality from the stereo and media player was superb, and the iPod interface worked well.

Run the 550i pedal to the metal from 50 mph to 130 mph and the G forces will stamp a silly grin on your face. In a market where obscenely fast cars are no longer a novelty, the 550i is a genuine thrill once inertia has been overcome and the 4,300 pound mass is rolling.

the car flat during fast cornering and rear wheels that steer slightly during cornering.

According to Pete .

Ralph Lauren Clothes 2018

BMW wanted the 5's styling to make a fashion statement and the electronics to be boldly innovative and the customers to be even more affluent than the bucks up gearheads it was attracting then.

It remains fast, fun and luxurious and a bit impersonal.

Ralph Lauren Clothes 2018

The smaller, less expensive 3 Series became the gearhead car, and BMW successfully elevated the 5 Series another rung or two in social status.

After test driving a 550i at a BMW dealer, your first stop might be a convenience store to buy Lotto tickets or maybe a wealthy grandmother's house. Base price for the 550i is $60,500 with the possibility of optioning it as high as $75,000. Ralph Lauren Clothes 2018 (My 550i test unit was about $65,000.)

Then, as the 550i zooms along, electronic handling aids jump in as the driver's guardian angel. They included optional shock absorbers with adjustable damping to Ralph Lauren Green Oxford Shirt

In candor, though, I must admit the blush started to fade between the 5 and me in the early 2000s. It was evident BMW had much more toney and luxurious aspirations for the sporty, fun and conveniently sized 5 Series.

Through the years, I've had exhilarating and memorable test drives in BMW 5 Series sedans, including a week in a new generation 2011 BMW 550i late last month.

Power train choice is a six speed manual or an eight speed automatic. I was impressed by the smooth and quick downshifting eight speed, but it's an example of runaway technical one upmanship in the luxury sedan market. (Mercedes and Infiniti have just seven speeds.)

My 550i test unit had a charcoal dashboard with tan lower dash and perforated heated and ventilated tan leather seats. The chrome and polished wood accents were tastefully applied, and the styling was unpretentious and masculine. Craftsmanship was faultless.

Ralph Lauren Clothes 2018

the power builds predictably.

Even with the added size of recent 5 Series models, the dynamics that had attracted fans were retained by BMW's remarkable engineering staff. But this most recent 5 Series, the 2011 model, seems to have taken the car a step closer to the 7 Series.

The engineers who did so well tuning the handling kept the 5 Series' ride firm but not unpleasant or jarring. The 550i is easier to drive fast than I expected for a car with such prodigious capability Polo Ralph Lauren Shirts Slim Fit

Ralph Lauren Clothes 2018

BMW 551i goes above and beyond

Seating for four (a fifth passenger would have to put his legs on either side of the drivetrain tunnel) is, needless to say, supportive and comfortable, even on long hauls. This would be a great road trip car.

Ralph Lauren Clothes 2018

Ralph Lauren Clothes 2018

Target audience: Guys who just closed a big deal and need a reward, bankers and brokers looking to one up their Mercedes driving colleagues, wealthy retirees

Instruments such as the speedometer and tach were quite plain compared with Lexus gauges, for instance and the media, climate and navigation displays were clear and understandable. The improved iDrive control system still required too many steps for simple operations.

Ralph Lauren Clothes 2018

Ralph Lauren Clothes 2018

Ralph Lauren Clothes 2018

match driving conditions, stabilizer bars that stiffened to keep Tommy Hilfiger Hoodie Mens

Ralph Lauren Clothes 2018

Entry level 5 Series mode, the 528i, starts at about $45,300, with the 535i just over $50,000.

Ralph Lauren Clothes 2018

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