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the economy, Smith called for tax reform that would lower the top marginal rate and repeal separate taxes on capital gains from investments and estates. Constitution that came within one vote of passing during the mid 1990s.

´╗┐Bob Smith announces run in GOP primary to challenge Jeanne Shaheen for senate seat

"It's time to throw the insiders out, make them the outsiders and return government to the people."

"There are too many people in Washington who have no feeling of urgency about the challenges we face as a nation. That's why I am here."

Senate seat this fall.

illegal aliens.

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"Bob Smith is out of step with New Hampshire values and the most conservative candidate in the race," Buckley said.

Since Smith's defeat, he angered many party Ralph Lauren Shorts Mens

"This is a war between them and us, and I am ready."

Polo Ralph Lauren Usa Sale

Polo Ralph Lauren Usa Sale

Smith apologized for the Kerry letter, which he has said was written in retaliation for the involvement of Bush White House adviser Karl Rove in Sununu's campaign.

Polo Ralph Lauren Usa Sale

While Smith opposed same sex marriages, he said it's not a matter for policymakers, since several federal judges have upheld it.

"Washington has lost its way; instead of working for us, it is working against us," Smith said.

Smith, 72, said a potential primary with former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown won't deter him and said GOP voters will pick the candidate who offers the clearest contrast with Sen.

On other issues, Smith said he would support restrictions on legal abortions, term limits for federal judges and repealing the Affordable Care Act.

"It is not about me, nor is it about any other candidate. It is not about any political party, Republicans or Democrats; it is about saving the United States of America," Smith said.

Smith said America's image as a world leader has faded and a national health care law threatens to bankrupt the country and plunge it into another downturn.

"The courts have spoken on this," Smith said.

leaders by leaving the GOP, launching a third party campaign for president and endorsing Democrat John Kerry for president in 2004.

Polo Ralph Lauren Usa Sale

Polo Ralph Lauren Usa Sale

Polo Ralph Lauren Usa Sale

Polo Ralph Lauren Usa Sale

He would oppose amnesty for Ralph Lauren Crew Neck T Shirt Uk

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The announcement kicks off Smith's bid for redemption from an embarrassing 2002 primary loss to then Congressman John E. Sununu, who then beat Shaheen for the seat.

To reduce the power of lobbyists and power brokers, Smith would pursue rule changes to give lawmakers time to read all bills, require all be scored on cost to the taxpayer, identify any lobbyists who offer amendments and end all earmarks.

Democratic Party Chairman Raymond Buckley said Smith is far too conservative for voters to embrace him 12 years after he last ran here.

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Smith listed seven challenges the country faces and offered some specific solutions to address them.

"He opposes a woman's right to choose, common sense gun safety laws, and equal rights for New Hampshire's LGBT citizens Polo Ralph Lauren Usa Sale including marriage equality. New Hampshire families can't afford to return Bob Smith to the Senate."

"It is probably pretty safe to say the press thought we would never be doing this again. The feeling is mutual; I didn't expect to be doing this, either," Smith said during a press conference in the Legislative Office Building.

Polo Ralph Lauren Usa Sale

Polo Ralph Lauren Usa Sale

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