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Of the rules governing treating he said there was no definitive answer governing when an election campaign begins. Treating is defined as providing food, drink or entertainment before, during or

Her supporters have complained they were turned away from the sheltered housing complex during canvassing.

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Files on 11 men and two women, who include former Tory councillors Jamshed Khan and Reis Khan, are being examined by lawyers in Ralph Lauren Sale Uk Mens

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that Coun Hanson said he learned of the 100 donation to pay for drinks at the Christmas party.

But he has been reported to Bradford Council over allegations he gave 100 to residents at the Goodwin House sheltered housing complex in exchange for their votes.

But it was not until after the election and Paul Cromie's success Ralph Lauren White Dress With Flowers

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Salman Mather, head of democratic services at Bradford Council, confirmed the complaint had been passed to the police.

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Paul Cromie was elected to represent the Queensbury ward at last month's Council elections.

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The Crown Prosecution Service is still considering whether to bring charges against 13 people over allegations of election fraud at last year's General Election.

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Coun Cromie previously stood in Queensbury in 2004's local elections and as a parliamentary candidate for Bradford West in last year's General Election.

the Crown Prosecution Service's special crime division.

after an election to influence a voter.

It is the latest in a number of allegations of election fraud in Bradford which the police have investigated including treating and tampering with postal votes although the inquiries have

Queensbury Conservative Councillor Stuart Hanson said: "They had gone up there delivering leaflets for Tracey and were stopped in the entrance by residents saying they were voting BNP this"We've never had that reaction before Ralph Lauren Red Polo Shirt

In last month's Council elections he defeated sitting Conservative Councillor Tracey McNulty by nearly 300 votes.

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The married grandfather of three is a retired local businessman and was chairman of Bradford BNP.

´╗┐BNP man accused of vote buying From Bradford Telegraph and Argus

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resulted in no further action being taken in any of those cases.

West Yorkshire Police have confirmed officers Ralph Lauren Crop Top Sweater have received a complaint which was being investigated.

at that old people's complex."

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