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a lot of s , a lot of rumor mill stuff going around out there. I'd really like for people to remember my Lorinda in a positive way," he said, his deep voice cracking with emotion.

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Still reeling from getting the official word and weary after the lengthy ordeal that began when White went missing Aug. 5, Pillsbury said he and a couple of family members and friends will take some time to wind down. "We're going to just get away for a few days, just take the weekend to collect my thoughts and and try to be all right. Try to be OK," he said.

Police in the days after White's disappearance launched bicycle, ATV and helicopter searches as family members and volunteers gathered at her home at 12 Ford St., part of a residential neighborhood off South Street and near Milford's middle and high schools.

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In addition to Pillsbury, White leaves two sons, Crawford "Cy" Zetterberg and Victor E. Zetterberg, both of York, Maine. She was a daughter of Margaret (Trow) White and the late Richard G. White, who died in 2009.

Polo Shirt Slim Fit Tommy Hilfiger

Polo Shirt Slim Fit Tommy Hilfiger

Polo Shirt Slim Fit Tommy Hilfiger

The various rumors that White's disappearance and the body discovery triggered, along with subsequent posts to online forums and news sites, compounded the family's difficult, emotional days, Pillsbury said. "There's been Tommy Hilfiger Vintage Crop Top

He also said police continue to await the state medical examiner's determination Polo Shirt Slim Fit Tommy Hilfiger on the cause and manner of White's death, which they expect will be contained in the examiner's final report. More information will be released when police receive the report, Nervik added.

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´╗┐Body is that of Lorinda White

Shortly after Friday's discovery, Pillsbury said, police indicated that the description resembled that of White, but cautioned that they couldn't be sure because the investigation had just gotten under way and they'd need confirmation from the medical examiner.


The discovery of the body shortly before noon Friday, Aug. 10, fueled townwide speculation that it was that of White. Family members, who organized a grid search of the area the day after White's disappearance, called off the search just hours after the body was discovered.

MILFORD Police confirmed Thursday afternoon that the deceased individual discovered six days ago behind the Jacques Memorial School was Lorinda White, the 51 year old woman who had been missing since Aug. 5.

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William Pillsbury, White's boyfriend of three years, said Thursday evening that he'd gotten a sense that the body was that of his girlfriend, but investigators told him they needed to make certain it was her before making the official notification to family as well as the public. Thursday, he said. "They said they'd made the positive identification and it's her," Pillsbury said.

Capt. Christopher M. Nervik released little further information, except to say that Ralph Lauren Purple Polo

police have determined through their investigation that there is no danger to the public and no cause for Ralph Lauren Polo Bear T Shirt Uk

He said funeral arrangements are still in their early stages, and no firm plans have been made. "It's still up in the air I'm kind of mixed on what we'll do," he said, indicating that he and the family are leaning toward private services for family and a few close friends.

Polo Shirt Slim Fit Tommy Hilfiger

Polo Shirt Slim Fit Tommy Hilfiger

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