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DW: What was ASADA's response?

saying he wouldn't speak to the network because they had speared him

an email from December 2012 that confirms they are only Ralph Lauren T Shirts

s scientist Stephen Dank has spoken out about the use of anti obesity drug AOD9604 at Essendon, declaring the club had not violated any prohibited substance schedule. Speculation about the use and legality of AOD has been rife. There have even been questions about the validity of a WADA email to Dank. I directed these questions to Dank during the week.

DW: If AOD does not contravene S2, does that mean you can use it?

DW: They are nervous when they shouldn't be?DW: So are you confident that this will not be an ongoing issue for Essendon or for you personally?

Tommy Hilfiger Long Sleeve Polo White

Tommy Hilfiger Long Sleeve Polo White

an advisory body. That was confirmed with me in previous conversations.''

Stephen Dank's lawyer Greg Stanton has threatened legal action against News Ltd over its report during the week about NRL statistics man Andrew Moufarrige's role in the drugs in sport scandal that has rocked rugby league. The Cambridge Law barrister took umbrage with the report stating ''he instead rang back with threats to hunt The Daily Telegraph source''. Stanton has written to News Ltd stating: ''The only comment I make in response to your SMS is, on instructions from my client, we are forwarding your SMS to the Australian Crime Commission for investigation as to the possible leaking of evidence given before the commission, which is secret and protected.''

SD: ''I don't think that Essendon have got a problem at all. Might I add this discussion with WADA and ASADA happened after previous long discussions between Metabolic Pharmaceuticals and the Australian drug testing laboratory.''

SD: ''It is basically a schedule that centres around growth hormone, growth factors and associated releasing factors. What I said is that at no stage does WADA issue permission. WADA confirmed with me in an email that it does not contravene S2.''

Robbo bids to sell his story

Tommy Hilfiger Long Sleeve Polo White

DW: So have Essendon got a problem?

SD: ''Of course, because it is not on the prohibited list. If I have something that is not on the prohibited list and they confirm that it does not align itself with the mechanism that acts as a releasing factor and the fact that it did not act as a growth hormone or IGF 1 well that is confirmation.''

Lawyer weighs in

SD: ''Very confident.''

Tommy Hilfiger Long Sleeve Polo White

Tommy Hilfiger Long Sleeve Polo White

DW: What does that mean?

Former jockey Allan Robinson has always been one of the biggest self promoters in sport his story in the John Singleton Gai Waterhouse spat was being flogged to media outlets for $100,000. It's hard to imagine anyone would have paid that. And Robinson ruled out competition between the networks when he told off a Channel Nine reporter, Ralph Lauren Yellow Polo

Tommy Hilfiger Long Sleeve Polo White

DW: Do you have a record of thatSD: ''No, because once they were happy with that it was more important to have a confirmation that it did not stimulate the IGF receptor. And that was more important because that substantiated the fact that it did not contravene S2. It's quite simple biology.''

SD: ''That it does not fail S2. So it is not related to growth hormone use. That email showed that and this was a discussion I had in two conversations with WADA that it did not contravene S2 based on IGF [insulin like growth factor] receptor activity. She instructed me to have a discussion with ASADA I rang ASADA and said that this was a preparation that was already on the market plus this was going to be formulated Tommy Hilfiger Long Sleeve Polo White under compounding conditions, so from that point of view we were already dealing with a product that was on the market.''

SD: ''That is exactly what I will say. I have been consistent on that. I have never said at any stage that I had a letter saying it was permissible to use because that letter was never going to be forthcoming from WADA. WADA don't issue those letters. And I have Tommy Hilfiger Polo Shirt Long Sleeve

´╗┐Bombers have nothing to fear

DW: How can you explain Essendon'sSD: ''At the end of the day Essendon think they have a problem. I don't think they have a problem. They are working overtime to ensure that problem is erased. It's a problem that I don't think exists.''

DW: And if you are asked in court?

DW: Have you ever said you have an email that gives you permission to use AOD?

Tommy Hilfiger Long Sleeve Polo White

SD: ''She was happy with that.''

Tommy Hilfiger Long Sleeve Polo White

Tommy Hilfiger Long Sleeve Polo White

Tommy Hilfiger Long Sleeve Polo White

Tommy Hilfiger Long Sleeve Polo White

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